The Council of possums – trailer/teaser.




Pre-dawn high in a leafy tree. RITA and RYAN curled up in their ‘nest’. RYAN sleeps. RITA opens her eyes, curls closer to him.

Slow ‘forest chorus’ music under.

RITA (VO) Ryan and I have been together since we were babies.

RITA moves a paw to his face and he moves.

RITA: Ryan?

But he is still asleep

RITA (VO): I always thought we would spend our lives together…

She curls into him and closes her eyes

RITA (VO): But I didn’t know we might not have a home to share.

Dawn. High in the trees, we see shapes scurrying madly

Music up and under:

A chainsaw starts up

On RYAN’s terrified face as he hears the chainsaw. 


RYAN and RITA clamber onto a branch

RYAN: Higher, higher! Quickly!

Behind them we see a dozen or so ringtails running for their lives

Chainsaw louder now, biting into timber.

The tree starts to lurch – fall -

Possum screams

And fall. Possums jump wildly for their lives. The tree crashes to earth. In the bush behind we can just make out small moving shapes.

Music up and over possums screams

VO: The chainsaws came and their homes were destroyed.

CU RYAN’s face, he pants. As the others gather around him his look of panic turns to anger.


Cars ran them over dusk and dawn.  Roads were littered with sisters and brothers.

RYAN stands on his hind legs and raises his front paws up.

RYAN: Enough! No more!


RYAN: We must fight back…

The other possums look at him quizzically

VO: But how?

CU RYAN – he smiles.


Night. The construction site – RYAN runs ahead while the others follow. He turns and tilts his head towards a bobcat.

RYAN (quietly) Follow me…

He is inside the engine, chewing at cables.


Three possums inside another engine, chewing cables


Montage: possums chew cables, knock nails into tyres with rocks, let the air out of wheelbarrow tyres.


Morning. Workman look over the site in amazement. Shake their heads, shrug.


The possums sit high in a tree and look over the building site. RYAN high fives a fellow possum but as he does so… a workman starts his chainsaw.

SFX Chainsaw.

A tree bending, falling.


Our possums sit in a huddle, heads down in despair.

(0/S) HISS!

A bobuck family skitter into view. The male stands on his back legs, looks aggressive


RYAN walks towards him. RITA tries to stop him

RITA: Ryan! They are our  enemies! They will kill you!!

RYAN shakes his head, continues to approach the very aggressive Bobuck

RYAN: Did you lose your home too?

The Bobuck seems gobsmacked by RYAN’s fearless behaviour but he slowly nods.


RYAN nods and as he does so, a young Ringtail tentatively approaches the Bobuck baby and sniffs him.

RYAN: Then we are now family.

The Bobuck’s eyes widen in astonishment, he glances at his young one and then RYAN.

RYAN: Are you with us?

A second tree crashes to the ground. The possums look up as a Currawong wheels noisily overhead in a despairing panic.


The Bobuck makes up his mind. Nods energetically. The Currawong lands on a branch nearby.


The Currawong nods.


Day. Thick bushland.


Slowly, the bush cross fades into a large sign that rises from the ground. It shows new homes, treeless suburban yards: “Come live your dream in Wattle Grove.”


On the faces of the possums

VO: But what can a family of possums do in the face of progress?

OPTIONAL: An echidna walks along, looks up. An eagles wheels, looks down. A python slithers along the ground, looks up.


VO: Who will be their allies?

A young boy picks up a baby ringtail gently.

VO: Who will help them?

Men in hard hats survey the bush, pointing at trees as though they are shooting them

VO: And who will fight them…

From the base of a large tree, we angle up and up till we see a long row of possums on a high branch. One by one they join paws, raising them.

Montage of all animals.