The Great AustralianChindogu Quest!



Let's show the Japanese we can beat them at the game of completely useless inventions




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Chindogu for you (and other bizarre inventions)

When did you last have a belly laugh?

Though the Japanese started it, the craze has slowly made its way round the world – Chindogu – the art of creating strangely practical inventions that have broken free from the chains of usefulness.

Come with us and discover the irresistible pointlessness of –


The cat paw floor cleaner




The dry mobile – clothes are dry by the time you get to work!







The Noodle cooler – can also be used for spaghetti.





The finger tup toothbrush

US Patent Issued In 1999





You get the idea.


The Program

A one hour special with no other purpose, really, than to make people laugh.

Program Format

In this one hour special, we’ll feature the best (or weirdest) ‘Chindogu in the world What are they? How do they work? Is the world ready for them?

We’ll look at the origins of Chindogu and the man behind it.

There will be a ‘do or dare’ segment in which our presenter has to actually use a totally useless invention in public – and convince passers-by that he’s onto the ‘next big thing’

A contest - viewers invent their own Chindogu and demonstrate it.

Then we’ll look at some real – but patently absurd inventions – such as the inflatable greeting card, the bird nappy, the life expectancy watch, the alarm fork, or- .



The ‘Daddytit’r

(US Patent Pending)








The twelve gauge golf club (US Patent #665488)