‘Amazing Times’

 By Sammy Ringer

Out of Body Back in Five


Set in the office of a paranormal magazine run by an agnostic (Alisha) with an eye for the sensational and the bottom line. Alisha purchased the magazine from the ailing founder and proceeded to turn it on its head. As she says ‘Sex sells – and it’s good karma.’

The staff have different ideas. They rather liked the magazine the way it was (ailing as much as its founder but full of integrity).

They use every resource at hand to counter Alisha’s tackier campaigns. Some are down to earth and some decidedly other worldly. Some work – many don’t.

The events which dot the episodes tread that gray line between coincidence and, you know - magic.

Although it appears that there is little common ground between Alisha and her staff, most storylines bring them together in a reasonably amicable compromise.

Though each episode revolves around a story for the magazine; the underlying thread is Alisha’s determination not to believe in all that ‘ooby gooby’ while wanting to utilise it if it’s headline grabbing and, preferably, has sex attached to it.

Somewhere along the line, Alisha’s  pragmatic and very down to earth approach will rub off on all of her staff  - or will it be the other way round?


Character Breakdown



Early thirties, a forceful lady used to getting her own way. Wise in the snaky world of publishing, she is not basically good hearted, will not undergo a transformation and will definitely not suddenly see the light. She knows what she wants to see - $.



Late twenties, twittery but good hearted. Gullible but not dumb. Much of her life is ruled by the Tarot and other other-worldly messengers.


Miss Harris

Receptionist/typist. Forties. The straight nut in the office – and the only one who levitates and speaks in tongue. Miss Harris has such a cold, Virgo exterior, you can’t imagine her having romantic thoughts – but she’s got the hots for…



Forties. Serious if wacky journalist. Tasteless shirts and cello-tape holding his glasses together. A mathematician at heart and totally absorbed in his forever-earth-shaking discoveries. Totally oblivious to Miss Wallace’s attentions.



Twenty and a bit. Will be cute when he grows up. It’s all a cartoon adventure for him. He rather fancies Mimi but it remains a very brother/sister relationship.